IMPB has given utmost importance in this program of Ta'lim. Under this program children/people(male and female) are being taught the Holy Q'uran and the Sunnah to make them aware of  Islamic activities.

1. Maktab

IMPB has established 500 Maktabs in Bangladesh where poor Muslim children are given education as per prescribed curriculum which includes reading the Q'uraan correctly, praying Salah ( 5 times prayer) as per Sunnah, learning Bangla and Arithmatic to make them enable to read , write and counting numbers to meet the demand of the daily life.

The elderly Muslims  (male and female) are also given education on the Q'uraan and the Sunnah, correct procedure to pray Salah, rules and regulations of Islam to follow in the daily life.

The Islamic Theologist (Maktab Teachers) who are managing the Maktabs are given honorium of Taka 1000 per month. Maktab land and shed cost are donated by the local people. Approximately 30000 children and 40000 elderly male and female are given education in these Maktabs.

Where your generosity will help!!!
IMPB needs fund to establish new Maktabs and to bear the recurring expenses of the maktabs under operation.
Project Cost:
USD 180000 ( Taka 10000000.00)


2. Specialized Kindergarten School & Madrasha

English Medium schools/institutes for the affuent of the society are being taught curriculum in such an environment which develops non-Islamic sentiments among the children which ultimately leads to an non-Islamic environment in the society.

To combat this situation, IMPB has established four schools in the name  IQRA Bangladesh in Dhaka, Faridpur, Comilla and Rangpur. Total 600 students are studying in these institutions. The curriculum of IQRA includes compulsory memorization of the Q'uraan with enough knowledge in Arabic along with conventional courses. Revenue from the tution fees of the students merely cover the recurring expenses of the schools. For regular expansion, these schools need financial assistants.

Where your generosity will help!!!
IMPB needs fund to construct more classrooms, furniture and set up new two schools
Project Cost:
USD 35000 ( Taka 2000000.00)

3. Girls Madrasha

IMPB has established a girls madrasa in Singyre thana under Manikganj district where 150 female students are studying. This girls madrasa has very positive impact in the surrounding area. More and more girls are showing interest to enroll. IMPB is planing to establish few more girls madrasa around the country.

Where your generosity will help!!!
IMPB needs fund to construct four new girls madrasha.
Project Cost:
USD 20000 ( Taka 1100000.00)


Bank Information

  1. Bangladesh:

A/C Name: Islahul Muslimeen Parishad

STD A/C No: 010213100000610

Bank: Premier Bank

Branch: Gulshan, Dhaka

2. Bkash A/C:  01915 662566


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