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To improve IMAN and A’MAL of the Muslim Ummah, specially in Bangladesh, in the presence of our Ruhani  Murabbi Hazrat Maolana Sayeed Assad Madani (Damat Barakatuhum) in the month of Holy Ramadan in 1996 a grand meeting of Islamic theologists was organizd in Dhaka, Bangladesh. More then 700 Islamic theologists from all over the counry attended the meeting. Under the guidance and patronization of our Ruhani  Murabbi, Kutub-e-A’lam, Fidayee Millat, Shaikhul Islam Hazrat Maolana Sayeed Assad Madani (DB); Islahul Muslimeen Parishad Bangladesh(IMPB) was established in the same year to cambat the non-Islamic philosophy steadily growing in the Muslim society and to improve IMAN and A’MAL of Muslim Ummah through improvement of socioeconomic situation of the commoners.

IMPB is duly registered with the NGO Bureau of Bangladesh Government having Registration number 1409.

An associate organization of IMPB was established in USA in the year 2000 under the name of Islahul Muslimeen Parishad of North America (IMNA).

Web site : www.al-madina.org

Another associate organization is also established in UK under the name Islahul Muslimeen Parishad UK.

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