Daowah activities throughout Bangladesh
1) 64 immaders (Supervisor) of 64 districts of Bangladesh are entrusted with the responsibility of daowah in their area of jurisdiction.
2) 800 Maktab teachers ( who are Thana Zimmaders also) are also engage in daowah activities under the leadership and guidence of Zimmader in the Village pivoting the Maktab.
3) Zimmaders and Maktab teachers are conducting daowah work at least once in a week in the selected villages.
4) Zimmaders attend a bi-monthly meeting and training camp in the central office of IMPB at Dhaka.
5) Maktab teachers also attend meeting and training camp at Dhaka once in every 4 months.
6) Zimmaders and Maktab teachers produce their report on the daowah activities and outcome of these effort to the central office every month.
7) Daowah activities mostly include interaction with the commoners on IMAN and A'MAL.
8) Women are also brought under daowah programs.

Daowah activities within Dhaka City
Hazrat Maolana Fariduddin Masoud, General Secretary, IMPB has been visiting mosques in the city. After Jummua'h and E'sha prayers he used to deliver lectures on the activities of IMPB and exchanging views with the people and motivating them to participate in activities of IMPB in the following fashion:
1) To form a committee under the leadership of the IMAM of the masjeed.
2) To select a village/union where delegation from this masjeed will visit regularly.
3) To develop a fund to help people of the village in the time of natural disaster.
4) To collect used cloths from the locality and to distribute the same to the poor villagers.

Patients visit
IMPB officials, District and Thana Zimmaders are visiting patients in the hospitals and clinics regularly and console them. They always carry gifts for them and give financial assistance if needed.

Printing and Publication
Printed matter is one of the most effective tools to propagate the idea and philosophy in cheaper and faster way to the educated people.
IMPB publishes booklets/leaflets on various current issues regularly and distribute throughout the country through its Zimmaders and Maktab teachers.
IMPB is publishing a monthly magazine the 'Monthly Patheo'. Present circulation of the magazine is more than 5000 copies. The magazine is distributed throughout the country through IMPB Zimmaders and Maktab teachers and to USA and UK as per demand. IMPB have planed to increase the circulation to 10000 very soon, Insha-Allah. As soon as we reach the circulation target of 20000 copies, IMPB plans to publish a daily newspaper.


Where your generosity will help!!!
IMPB needs fund for various daowah activities including publication expense of the Monthly Patheo.
Project Cost:
USD 17500(Taka 1000000.00)


Bank Information

  1. Bangladesh:

A/C Name: Islahul Muslimeen Parishad

STD A/C No: 010213100000610

Bank: Premier Bank

Branch: Gulshan, Dhaka, Bangladesh


  1. Bkash A/C: 01915662566



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